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Reduce order placement time and manual data entry errors with a custom-built solution on top of the Sales Cloud functionality


a TV broadcast company headquartered in the USA.




The Client is a TV broadcast company headquartered in the USA. They needed a solution that could effectively manage their advertisement schedule, develop an optimal payment model, and send reports to clients, allowing them to create orders correctly and choose an ad display policy. The user should be able to request advertisements and select the correct hours, such as the number of presentations per hour, per day, or per month on specific channels, and a specific day and time make it easier to track whether it was effective or not. There was a heavy custom-built logic to calculate invoices based on the total time spent watching a TV program where advertisements should be shown.    


6 months

$55K – $65K




The Routine Automation team took part in the project as an outsource and was fully responsible for maintaining the project directly with the customer. There were a Sales Сloud Сonsultant, 2 Developers and a PM from our side. The team worked directly with the Product Owner and the Business Developer Lead. 

🧩 According to the Client’s requirements, the Routine Automation team implemented the custom-built solution on top of the Sales Cloud functionality and further configured integration with 3rd party systems. Data appears in Salesforce and is sent to other systems via integration.  

🧩 We revisited the sales process from the beginning and simplified the lead and opportunity funnel by removing unnecessary stages and helping them to track activities in CRM. And adjusted reports to bring more transparency to the sales pipeline. We added an opportunity forecast that helps to see which opportunities are about to close and at which period. 

🧩 We created UI to manage the Adv schedule. With the ability to select channel, audience, hours when to show adv. As a result, the quote is generated and sent to the customer from the Client’s side. When the Customer approves the quote order will be generated. Invoices are automatically generated on a monthly basis unless another is agreed upon.  Information is stored in Salesforce and integrated into 3rd party that actually shows ads. 

🧩 Implemented reports. Created logic to automatically send reports to customers. 

🧩 We integrated invoicing platform which generates invoices according to the adv shown during the month. Payment information is populated to Salesforce to help identify payment fulfilment. If there is any trouble with the invoice Salesforce can generate a support case which will be resolved by the user. 

🧩 Additionally, The Service Cloud configuration was employed to automate customer support processes. It helps to support requests from customers regarding payments, schedule, and changes in order. We added basic support reports to track the number of cases and cause of cases, and case resolution. 

🧩 The Opportunity Forecast configuration allows the sales department to predict the likelihood of winning an opportunity, where each sales cycle will be mapped to a forecast category. With a forecast, the Client can estimate how much the company plans to sell within a certain time period. At some level, forecasting touches virtually all departments in a business. 

🧩 Our experts provided integration with custom applications to deliver data transfer into other systems that the Client uses.  

🧩 Finally, we configured a Case Management solution to cover the whole case lifecycle and organize customer support services communications through any channel. Email-to-case and web-to-case tools help to cover invoicing issues cases, ad dissatisfaction cases, advertisement schedule cases, etc.  



🚀69% reduction in order placement time

It became easier for the Client to place orders due to configured automation.  

🚀86% reduction in manual data entry errors

Automation of manual steps helped to reduce number of human errors. Application of UI validations helped to avoid situations when critical data is missing.  

🚀Increased report transparency 

Now the Client has detailed reports that take into account all the necessary indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the ads shown. All data can be collected in one place in a full-fledged report.  

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Sales Cloud (opportunity forecast), Salesforce Service Cloud (case management, email-to-case, web-to-case)