What Is Idea Management in Salesforce?  

5 min 30.05.2024 Updated: 16.07.2024

Before exploring the benefits of idea management software and choosing the right one for your needs, it’s crucial to understand the importance of effectively managing ideas

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Idea management involves a systematic process for generating and evaluating ideas that enhance your bottom line. The challenge is the sheer volume of ideas. They are difficult to manage and organize effectively. This is where idea management software becomes essential. 

In Salesforce, ideas are suggestions posted by members of an idea community and organized by zones. The Ideas component allows users to: 

Post ideas

️ Subscribe to favorite ideas

Filter ideas by category and/or status

Vote and comment on ideas

This structured approach enables businesses to harness collective intelligence from various stakeholders. Understanding the fundamentals of idea management can help your business streamline the process of capturing and developing innovative ideas, ensuring they contribute to your organizational goals. 

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Why Is Idea Management Important & How Idea Management Can Help Solve Business Problems 

Businesses face numerous challenges, and innovative ideas are often the key to overcoming them. How can Salesforce Idea Management help? 

Disorganized idea capture: Businesses often struggle with capturing and managing ideas.

Streamlined collection: Salesforce is a centralized platform to collect and organize ideas efficiently.

Lack of innovation: Traditional systems can slow down creativity and the implementation of new ideas.

Enhanced innovation: You can quickly identify and prioritize the best ideas, fostering a culture of innovation.

Low employee engagement: Employees may feel undervalued, which leads to decreased morale and productivity.

Increased engagement: Encourage employee contributions, boosting morale and engagement.

Slow product improvement: Refining products and services without structured feedback is inefficient.

Accelerated improvement: Incorporate customer feedback to enhance products and services quickly.

Competitive disadvantage: Companies that fail to innovate risk falling behind in the market.

Sustained competitiveness: Stay competitive and continuously evolve with new ideas and solutions.

Leveraging smart Idea Management, for example via Salesforce, can provide practical solutions to everyday business challenges, helping your organization thrive. 

Salesforce Tools for Idea Generation

Salesforce offers tools to facilitate idea generation and management, making it easier for businesses to capture and implement innovative ideas. 

It enhances collaboration, streamlines processes, and provides actionable insights from data. Here are some key tools and their uses: 

Salesforce Customer Portal

Salesforce Customer Portal  
(for portals created before 2013) 

  • It enables crowdsourcing of ideas from employees, customers, and partners 
  • Voting and commenting functions help prioritize the most promising ideas 

Ideal for organizations with broad community input 


  • It’s a collaboration platform for discussing and iterating on ideas in real-time 
  • Encourages open communication to develop high-quality, actionable ideas 

Best for internal ideas creation among employees and team members 

Salesforce Chatter
Salesforce Analytics

Salesforce Analytics 

  • Data visualization identifies trends, patterns, and innovation opportunities 
  • Guides strategic, data-driven decision-making around which ideas to pursue 

Helpful for organizations that want to leverage their data assets 

Salesforce Community Cloud 

  • Branded social spaces for interaction between customers, partners, employees 
  • You can include ideation features like forums, Q&A, voting 

Customizable and ideal for enterprises wanting partner/customer collaboration 

Salesforce Community Cloud
Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics 

  • AI-powered analytics predict which ideas will likely succeed 
  • Allows focusing resources on the innovations with highest-impact potential 

Optimal for large organizations looking to prioritize their idea pipeline 

Utilizing these Salesforce tools can streamline the idea-generation process, ensuring that your business captures and implements valuable insights effectively. Whether it’s through collaborative platforms like Chatter or data-driven tools like Einstein Analytics, Salesforce provides the resources needed to foster a culture of innovation. 

Best Practices for Idea Management

It’s important to follow best practices to maximize the benefits of Salesforce Idea Management. 

Here are some tips: 

Encourage participation: Foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas.

Regularly review ideas: Set up a schedule for reviewing and evaluating submitted ideas.

Provide feedback: Ensure contributors receive feedback on their ideas to keep them engaged.

Implement and recognize: Act on the best ideas and recognize those who contributed. 

By adopting these best practices, you can create a robust idea management system that drives continuous innovation and improvement in your business. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about Idea Management via Salesforce. 

Tackling complex problems makes ideation difficult. However, Salesforce provides data visualization tools to spark creativity by highlighting insights, and granular security enables data-driven processes for generating ideas.

Brainstorm with diverse colleagues, seek inspiration widely, gather stakeholder feedback, dedicate ideation time, and embrace experimentation. Leverage Salesforce reporting for nuanced analysis and AI for surfacing relevant data insights. 

It’s a multi-stage process: identify challenges, creatively brainstorm solutions, refine/prioritize ideas by feasibility/impact, and then develop and implement the most promising. Salesforce ensures data quality and governance for a secure ideation environment.

The Routine Automation team will analyze your project, identify strengths and weaknesses of idea generation, and provide tailored solutions. We will then implement Salesforce and offer ongoing support to ensure effective idea generation, streamline tasks, and free up time for creative problem-solving.

Understanding the common questions and their answers can help you better navigate the world of Salesforce Idea Management. 

Wrapping Up

Salesforce Idea Management is a powerful tool for fostering innovation and solving business problems. By leveraging the right tools and following best practices, your business can effectively capture and implement innovative ideas, driving growth and improving customer satisfaction.  

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