Salesforce ZoomInfo Integration: The Complete Guide

9 min 11.01.2024 Updated: 18.07.2024

Integrating ZoomInfo with Salesforce can provide tremendous benefits by unifying your sales and marketing data into one system. This guide by Alexandr Guzarevich, our Salesforce Architect, covers everything you need to know to get started with ZoomInfo and Salesforce integration services

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a market intelligence platform that provides detailed information on over 14 million companies and over 120 million business professionals.  

ZoomInfo information is kept up to date with AI and machine learning. Any changes to company data, such as new service releases or new employees, are updated in real-time. Some of the data held by ZoomInfo includes: 

  • Geographic area
  • Number of customers/clients a company has 
  • Annual revenue
  • Organizational charts
  • Number of employees
  • Tech stack of the company

Integrating ZoomInfo with Salesforce reduces time spent researching company details so you can more effectively engage customers and drive sales. Want to know exactly how embedding this robust database in your CRM accomplishes this? Read on as we dive into the details. 

Our team is equipped to provide assistance not only with setup but also with customizations and intricate configurations for your ZoomInfo and Salesforce integration.

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We understand that every business is unique, and we ensure that the integration aligns seamlessly with your specific requirements, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient implementation. 

Why Integrate Salesforce With ZoomInfo? 

Here are some of the key reasons to integrate ZoomInfo with Salesforce: 

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Enrich contact and account records in Salesforce with detailed firmographic data from ZoomInfo.

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Enable sales teams to identify key decision makers and reach them using direct dial phone numbers and email addresses from ZoomInfo. 

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Keep all data synchronized between the two systems so changes made in one system reflect instantly in the other. 

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Gain key insights into prospects like technologies used to inform sales pitches. 

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Shorten research time by getting company and contact insights directly within Salesforce. 

Integrating ZoomInfo with Salesforce gives sales and marketing teams direct access to this robust database of actionable insights from within Salesforce. 

Beyond basic setup, our team excels in delivering support for customizations and intricate configurations tailored to your business needs. 

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How Does Salesforce ZoomInfo Integration Work? 

The ZoomInfo Salesforce integration works by linking your ZoomInfo and Salesforce accounts at the backend level. This allows seamless data flows between the two platforms. 

Once integrated, users can access ZoomInfo data directly from within Salesforce. For example, when viewing a contact or account record, users can see details like technologies used and intent signals sourced from ZoomInfo. 

Data on mobile phone displaying Salesforce ZoomInfo Integration. Real-time sync ensures data consistency between platforms.

Any updates made to records on one platform automatically sync to the other in real time. This ensures data consistency across both systems. 

The integration also allows users to search and export ZoomInfo records into Salesforce with one click. Bulk exporting of ZoomInfo data can enrich Salesforce with thousands of records imported automatically. 

Key Benefits of Salesforce ZoomInfo Integration

Here are some of the major benefits our clients have experienced: 

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360-degree view of customers: Unified customer data from both systems provides complete information to drive personalized sales. 

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Informed sales call: Insights on technologies used to help sales teams tailor their pitches better.

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Higher contact data accuracy: ZoomInfo enriches contacts with direct dials, accurate titles, and email addresses.

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Faster lead research: Company hierarchies, funding details, and intent signals are available instantly.

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Improved data quality: Syncing eliminates duplicates and enriches existing records. 

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Targeted prospecting: Ideal customer profiles help focus sales efforts on high-value accounts. 

Whether it’s initial setup, fine-tuning customizations, or navigating complex configurations, our team is at your service. Count on us for a seamless and efficient implementation that aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals. 

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How To Integrate ZoomInfo Into Salesforce?

As a Salesforce development partner, we have performed a lot of Salesforce integrations for clients. 

Here is an overview of the configuration steps involved: 

step 1

First, in your ZoomInfo account, connect your Salesforce org and ZoomInfo account in the Integrations settings.

step 2

Then, click on the “Manage” button next to Salesforce. This opens the configuration page.  

step 3

Under “Export Preferences“, select the objects like Contacts, Accounts, and Leads that you wish to sync between the two platforms. You can set the maximum number of records to export here as well. Select data sync preferences like auto-sync frequency and which objects to sync. 

step 4

Next, go to the “Mapping” tab. This allows you to define which ZoomInfo fields sync to which Salesforce fields.

For example, you can map the ZoomInfo “Company” field to the Salesforce “Account Name” field. Review the provided field mappings and make edits as per your requirements. Be sure to verify and save your mappings. With the mappings set, data will automatically flow from ZoomInfo to the corresponding Salesforce fields. 

Salesforce ZoomInfo Integration: Connect and sync data seamlessly between Salesforce and ZoomInfo for enhanced sales and marketing efficiency.

Following these configuration steps allows seamless data syncing between platforms. You can customize both what objects sync and the field mappings as per your specific needs. Reach out to our team if you need any assistance with setup or customizations for your ZoomInfo and Salesforce integration. We can perform these intricate steps flawlessly based on your specific business needs. 


Integrating Zoominfo and Salesforce paves the way for maximizing the value of your CRM by enriching it with robust market intelligence. Sales and marketing teams get the data visibility they need – directly within Salesforce – to drive more informed customer engagements

Our team possesses extensive experience in Salesforce Integration. We understand the intricacies of linking your ZoomInfo and Salesforce accounts to streamline data flows seamlessly

Whether you need assistance with setup, customizations, or intricate configurations for your ZoomInfo and Salesforce integration, our team is here to help. We tailor the integration to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring a flawless and efficient implementation. 

To explore how this integration can benefit your sales and marketing teams, schedule a consultation with our Salesforce integration experts at Routine Automation

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