Trailblazing Across Europe: Our Salesforce World Tour Highlights 6 min


The annual Salesforce World Tour brings together thousands of leaders, experts, and partners across an inspirational series of events worldwide. Attending provides unmatched exposure to customer success strategies, product innovations, and paths for growth powered by the world’s #1 CRM platform.  

Eager to exchange ideas, uncover new capabilities, and absorb real-world insights from the global Salesforce community, our Routine Automation team embarked on a motivational November journey across Zurich, Vienna, Düsseldorf, and Berlin Salesforce World Tour and Innovation Days stops.  

1st stop: Gaining Fresh Perspective in Zurich

Kicking off the tour in Zurich, exposure to Einstein AI advances and blockchain on Salesforce possibilities sparked new ideas for us on delivering even more transformative solutions.   

“It’s energizing to see how Salesforce’s ambitious roadmap aligns so well with the vision we have for clients – the art of possible is expanding fast! Also, here was a great Lego booth”  

Pavel Klachkou Founder, CEO   

The World Tour in Zurich energy was electric as our team soaked up the latest innovations while exchanging ideas with partners.  

“I appreciated the authentic connections of face-to-face conversations that allowed for a seamless exchange of information.”  

Maria Borakhava Director of Strategic Partnerships    

2nd stop: Workshopping Concepts with Peers in Vienna

The vibrant energy of Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts elevated Innovation Day collaboration to new levels.  

“Brainstorming new concepts through collaborating with fellow innovators and engineers sparked ideas for crafting flawless, tailored solutions to solve customers’ exact challenges.” 

Pavel Klachkou Founder, CEO     

Our team was thrilled to not only meet our clients face-to-face but also to hear their insightful speeches, further strengthening our partnership and understanding of their vision. 

3rd stop: Building Community in Düsseldorf 

Interacting live with thousands of diverse Trailblazers worldwide showed us firsthand the exponential power of community.   

“While the insights on leveraging Tableau, Slack, and other technologies were highly valuable, I found the relationships built and visions aligned to be even more impactful. Also, it was exciting to meet our clients”  

Maria Borakhava Director of Strategic Partnerships    

“Exchanging concepts with peers looking to push boundaries in campaign effectiveness inspired me tremendously on how we can better empower marketers.”  

Helena Dzementej Head of Marketing    

4th stop: Preparing for Action

Closing out in Berlin sharpened our focus on applying learnings through new services and solutions that further customer excellence.   

“Berlin was the perfect finale, It’s where ideas sparked throughout the tour began to take shape as actionable strategies for our clients.”  

Pavel Klachkou Founder, CEO     

“AI was a hot topic at the Salesforce World Tour, highlighting its crucial role in business innovation and customer engagement. Interacting live with the community reinforced that when we share knowledge, we go much further.”    

Maria Borakhava Director of Strategic Partnerships        

Reflections and Revelations 

Each stop on the tour brought with it a cascade of insights and opportunities. From Zurich’s tech-driven discussions to Vienna’s creative exchange, Düsseldorf’s vibrant networking, and Berlin’s strategic sessions, the tour was an incubator for transformative ideas.  

“It’s a continuous learning experience. Every conversation, every session builds on our expertise, enabling us to offer even more value to our clients.”  
Helena Dzementej
Head of Marketing 
“The World Tour reinforces our commitment to collaboration. It’s amazing how much we can achieve together with our clients and Salesforce.”  
Maria Borakhava
Director of Strategic Partnerships 
“This tour has reinforced our mission to deliver innovative solutions that drive success. We’re excited to bring these insights home to our clients.” 
Pavel Klachkou 
Founder, CEO

The privilege of learning from Salesforce experts and peers was truly priceless for us. We step into 2024 with renewed drive, thanks to the motivation gained by these events, and are now ready to pioneer the possibility hand-in-hand with our customers and partners worldwide. 

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