Salesforce Spring ’24: Release Summary 

7 min 18.01.2024 Updated: 16.07.2024

The highly anticipated Salesforce Spring ’24 Release is on the horizon and is poised to elevate businesses with breakthrough innovations across the platform. There are numerous impactful updates in store, spanning features for users, administrators, and developers. Let’s dive into these updates in our article! 

Spring’ 24 Release Overview

A Salesforce Release typically includes new features and enhancements associated with Salesforce products. These are encapsulated in Release Notes, which provide a first look at the new functionality being implemented across the Salesforce product suite.

Salesforce typically initiates releases about three months before they go into production. Guidance on how to use the release notes is available in Salesforce Help.

Reading the Release Notes is a great step in preparing for the release. Additional resources are added throughout the release, so regular check-ins are beneficial. Some Spring ’24 features will impact all users immediately upon release, requiring advanced communication. Others require administrator action before users can take advantage of the new functionality. 

In today’s announcement, Salesforce revealed a live preview of the Spring ’24 release
The release introduces numerous features, including generative AI capabilities, which will be available on 12 February 2024.

Salesforce Spring ’24: Release Summary

These features enable organizations to integrate conversational AI into different workflows, departments, and industries through Einstein Copilot.

They also enable faster workflows through AI and automation, while ensuring the security of sensitive customer and company data through Einstein’s Trust Layer. 

Also, it enables businesses to customize platforms and apps to drive efficiency and productivity. It also empowers admins, developers, and users with smarter tools to streamline workflows.

Our team is constantly exploring the latest Salesforce tools, ensuring we can craft optimal solutions tailored to your business needs. Trust us to harness the full power of Salesforce, streamlining your operations and propelling your business forward.

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Key Highlights and Updates

Discover the exciting boosts for your business in the Spring ʼ24 release:

Smarter team productivity with Einstein Copilot: 

Blue Mark

Make work easier by adding Einstein Copilot to all Salesforce apps. 

Blue Mark

Automate tasks effortlessly, saving time for your team.

Image shows Smarter team productivity with Einstein Copilot.
Image shows two animals, representing no code needed with Salesforce Prompt Builder.

No code needed with Prompt Builder: 

Blue Mark

Easily create and refine templates without coding. 

Blue Mark

Use CRM data smartly for prompt workflows. 

Instant answers for better customer service: 

Blue Mark

Help your agents and customers quickly with AI-powered answers. 

Blue Mark

Reduce cases by providing accurate Knowledge and Article-based solutions. 

Sales Superpowers with Einstein Copilot: 

Blue Mark

Boost sales at every step of the cycle. 

Blue Mark

Make researching customers, following up, and CRM updates a breeze. 

Simplified B2B buying with Commerce Concierge: 

Blue Mark

Make B2B purchases easier with AI-driven conversations. 

Blue Mark

Let buyers use simple language, photos, and unstructured data for personalized responses. 

Salesforce Astro shows flag of Salesforce, representing great new features of the Spring updates.

With these Spring ʼ24 updates, your business gains efficiency, saves time, improves customer service, supercharges sales, and simplifies B2B transactions. It’s the power your business needs for a smoother journey ahead. 

Unlock the full potential of these updates with our expert team, making Salesforce implementation a breeze for your business. We make your journey with Salesforce smoother and more efficient. 

Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Features 

For businesses, the release facilitates integrating apps, enhancing data quality, and optimizing sales teams. Developers get improved testing capabilities and global-ready components. Admins and users benefit from more customizable analytics, intelligent search, and automated workflows. Let’s look deeper:

For Business

Blue Mark

Smarter analytics for informed decision-making: 
Gain data-driven insights to optimize business decisions. 

Blue Mark

Dynamic forms for seamless data collection: 
Easily capture complex data from customers and partners. 

Blue Mark

Granular permission management for data security: 
Share data securely with fine-tuned permission controls.  

Blue Mark

AI-powered search for accelerated growth: 
Empower your team with intelligent search capabilities for faster and smarter business growth. 

Blue Mark

Customized seller home for enhanced sales productivity: 
Boost sales team efficiency with personalized seller home experiences. 

Image shows animals, representing Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Features for businesses.

For Admins and Users 

Lime Mark

Effortless custom App development: 
Build custom apps tailored to your business needs with ease. 

Lime Mark

Enhanced data quality management: 
Improve data quality through duplicate management and cleansing tools. 

Lime Mark

Automated workflows with migration to Flow Tool: 
Streamline manual processes with automated workflows.  

Lime Mark

Notification alerts for widely-used permission sets: 
Receive notifications before deleting widely-used permission sets. 

Lime Mark

Richer dashboards with enhanced customization: 
Access more comprehensive dashboards with additional filters, widgets, and customization options. 

Image shows Einstein AI, representing Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Features for admins.

For Developers 

Dark Green Mark

Enhanced testing tools for faster development: 
Test and debug apps more efficiently with enhanced tools. 

Dark Green Mark

Expanded Apex classes and methods for robust integrations: 
Utilize new Apex classes, methods, and namespaces for building robust integrations. 

Dark Green Mark

LWC enhancements for accessibility and global compatibility: 
Leverage Lightning Web Components enhancements for improved accessibility and global compatibility. 

Dark Green Mark

ICU locale formats for customizing currencies and dates: 
Customize currencies and dates using ICU locale formats. 

Dark Green Mark

Improved API security and compliance with REST standards: 
Strengthen API security with enhanced headers and responses in line with REST standards. 

Image shows animals, representing Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Features for developers.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist your business in unlocking the full potential of the Spring ’24 release. We are committed to ensuring a seamless integration that maximizes the benefits tailored specifically to your unique business needs. 


In summary, the Salesforce Spring ’24 release is a game-changer, providing companies with the tools to increase productivity, improve customization, and strengthen application development. The array of cutting-edge features ushers in a new era of possibilities, transforming the user experience and enabling businesses to invate

Image shows Salesforce Astro, representing Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Features.

Preparation is key, and the comprehensive release notes serve as a guide for organizations to unlock the full potential of these advancements.

As companies evolve, it is critical to adopt strategies that streamline workflows, enrich analytics, and cultivate future-ready skills. 

We encourage you to delve into the new features and explore how each enhancement can be tailored to their unique business needs. Staying informed is the cornerstone of an enhanced Salesforce experience, and our dedicated team is ready to help you along the way. With our expertise, navigating the Salesforce Spring ’24 release is not just a necessity, but an opportunity to transform and thrive.

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