What is Salesforce Digital Engagement?

7 min 04.01.2024 Updated: 16.07.2024

Salesforce Digital Engagement refers to the suite of tools and capabilities offered by Salesforce to help businesses communicate and interact with customers across various digital channels. This includes websites, mobile apps, messaging platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger as well as live chat and social media.

The Routine Automation team has extensive experience in implementing Salesforce Digital Engagement solutions that drive business growth and we want to share our knowledge.

Introduction to Salesforce Digital Engagement

Salesforce Digital Engagement allows companies to provide consistent, personalized, and seamless experiences to their customers, no matter which digital touchpoint they use to engage with the brand. It gives customers the convenience to connect on their channel of choice. 

For businesses, Salesforce Digital Engagement delivers a unified view of all customer interactions which enhances efficiency and productivity. It also allows them to gain useful customer insights from digital engagement data to craft more targeted strategies. 

Essentially, Salesforce Digital Engagement bridges the gap between customers and businesses in the digital age through omnichannel connectivity

Leveraging its expertise in analytics and business intelligence, Routine Automation provides ongoing optimization services to continually refine Digital Engagement strategies based on performance data and metrics. 

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How Does Digital Engagement Work?

The Salesforce Digital Engagement suite integrates natively with Salesforce Service Cloud. It uses Einstein Bots and Artificial Intelligence to automatically route inbound messages and conversations to the appropriate teams and agents

Pre-defined rules determine which agent is best suited to handle a particular query based on factors like skills, experience level, and current workload. Real-time dashboards provide visibility into all digital engagement metrics for better workforce management

From the agent’s console, they can seamlessly manage customer conversations across multiple messaging apps through a single interface. This saves time switching between different platforms. 

With a lot of Salesforce Einstein bots implemented, Routine Automation has extensive experience configuring optimal routing rules and bots to distribute workloads. 

Benefits of Salesforce Digital Engagement

There are several key benefits that Salesforce Digital Engagement offers: 


Increased Customer Satisfaction

By rapidly responding to customer queries and conversations over their preferred digital channels, businesses can boost satisfaction levels and loyalty. Issues get resolved faster without customers having to wait on call. 


Improved Agent Productivity

The intelligent routing and unified interface offered by Digital Engagement streamlines workflows for agents. This enables them to handle 20% more conversations simultaneously without being overwhelmed. 


Better Customer Insights 

The data captured from customer digital engagements provides useful insights into buyer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This allows businesses to refine engagement strategies. 


Higher Conversions

Sales teams can drive more conversions by identifying hot leads from messaging conversations using lead scoring tools and engaging them when they are most interested in buying. 

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Responding quickly over digital channels and providing personalized recommendations improves brand reputation as customers are delighted with the experience

Routine Automation has implemented Digital Engagement for clients in different sectors, integrated with their CRM data and workflows, to enable rapid responses and issue resolution. Our team can help you implement a Salesforce solution that will be tailored to your business goals. 

Salesforce Implementation
Want to implement Salesforce Digital Engagement? Read about our Implementation Services. 
Salesforce Implementation

Best Practices for Implementing Salesforce Digital Engagement

Here are some best practices to follow when setting up Salesforce Digital Engagement: 

1. Clear Objectives 
Define the goals you want to achieve – is it higher sales, better service, or increased brand awareness? This guides your strategy.

2. Map Customer Journeys 
Identify key touchpoints where customers engage digitally and optimize those experiences in alignment with their buying journey.

3. Choose Your Channels 
Evaluate the right mix of messaging, live chat, and social channels based on target buyer personas. Prioritize the platforms your audience uses.

4. Develop Engaging Content 
Create content that educates and helps customers – this content should be mapped to their preferred digital channels.

5. Respond Rapidly
Set up Digital Engagement to enable real-time conversations and instant responses to improve satisfaction.

6. Analyze Performance Metrics
Use Digital Engagement reports to understand channel engagement levels, agent productivity, etc., and refine your approach.

Digital Engagement Pricing and Packaging

105$ user/month (billed annually)

Chat for Web or In-App (unlimited)

Messaging (paid and unlimited channels)

  1. SMS (paid, 25 conversations pupm, GA)
  2. Facebook Messenger (unlimited, GA)
  3. WeChat (unlimited, coming 2020)
  4. WhatsApp (unlimited inbound; paid outbound, coming 2020)

25 Einstein Bot Conversations pupm
Can be used today across Chat and SMS. Additional channels coming soon.

1K Outbound Messages/Org
Customers who wish to scale capability will need to purchase additional triggered and bulk outbound messages.

Social Customer Service
Service Cloud licenses come with two social accounts for Twitter and Facebook. Digital Engagement allows custome.

Leveraging AI and Automation

AI and automation tools provide immense opportunities to enhance digital engagement strategies. Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform, including the newly launched Einstein GPT, allows businesses to deliver hyper-personalized experiences by generating customized content and recommendations for each customer. 

Key capabilities enabled by AI and automation include: 

  • Personalization at scale, even for large customer bases 
  • Automated customer journey mapping to optimize touchpoints 
  • Intelligent chatbots for instant query resolution
  • Dynamic content creation for emails, web pages, and ads 

By leveraging these innovations, marketing and sales teams can craft truly tailored digital engagement campaigns that foster strong connections with each customer. The result is higher satisfaction, deeper loyalty, and increased lifetime value. 

Routine Automation has expertise in implementing Einstein AI capabilities to transform digital engagement performance. Our consultants can help you determine which features are best suited for your needs. 


Salesforce Digital Engagement delivers the tools needed to transform customer experiences across digital touchpoints resulting in greater engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth. 

Following best practices around strategy, channel selection, content creation, and performance analysis is key to ensuring success. With consumers increasingly expecting seamless digital interactions, Salesforce Digital Engagement provides businesses with future-proof omnichannel capabilities. 

No matter what stage of the Salesforce Digital Engagement journey you are in, Routine Automation’s consultants can provide the guidance needed to maximize omnichannel customer experiences. Our team has helped diverse clients embark on their Digital Engagement journey – let us guide you! 

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Salesforce Digital Engagement: elevate your customer interactions across diverse digital channels | How our team can transform your engagement strategies for unparalleled growth with Salesforce Digital Engagement.