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Streamlining Healthcare Operations Through Staff Augmentation


German market leader in modern aligner therapy, a member of the Straumann Group.




As Germany’s premier aligner therapy provider, DR SMILE transforms dentistry by fostering confidence and smiles. With 250+ partner practices across Europe, they prioritize expansion, professional development, and cultural diversity. 

Project Team

The RA team provided team:   
🙂 1 Salesforce Technical Architect/Consultant    
🙂🙂 2 Salesforce Engineers    
🙂 1 Salesforce Admin 

DR SMILE team: 
🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 5 Salesforce Engineers     


Facing a Salesforce skills shortage within their in-house team, aligner therapy company Doctor Smile encountered challenges. To overcome this, Routine Automation stepped in, providing two developers and an architect.  
Our team facilitated seamless wireless communication, offering diverse roles and strategic advice to address Doctor Smile’s challenges, fostering collaboration and skill development within their team. 


2 years


$50,000 to $199,999 



Salesforce engineers provision: 

Provided Salesforce engineers on a time and materials basis. 

Enabled seamless onboarding of new resources, bypassing lengthy hiring processes. 

Flexibility to downscale the team as needed. 

Embedded team dynamics: 

Integrated seamlessly into the client’s teams.

Functioned as standard engineers, contributing to various projects. 

No specific project constraints, allowing adaptability within the teams. 

Selection process: 

Engagement was initiated in April 2021 when a Routine Automation team member reached out to the client. 

Selection based on an attractive rate, competence in Salesforce engineering, and swift team integration capabilities. 

Status and expansion: 

Ongoing engagement without specific project limitations. 

Initially started with two team members and expanded to four. 

Continuation into 2023, showcasing a successful collaboration.

Renewal of partnership imminent, reflecting the effectiveness of the engagement model. 



Cost savings and opportunity gains 
Routine Automation’s engagement resulted in significant cost savings (at least €100,000) for the client. Opportunity costs related to onboarding were minimized, allowing the client to realize a substantial value.  

Positive impact on work and timelines 
Our team enabled an earlier project kick-off, showcasing agility and promptness. Positive impact was observed throughout 2 years, highlighting the effectiveness of the collaboration. 

Data consistency and reliability 
Implemented meticulous approaches to enhance data consistency across the system. Focused on fostering reliability, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of critical business data. 

Boosted Team Productivity 
Leveraged expertise to implement consistent processes within the teams. 
Introduced automated data insights, positively impacting overall team efficiency. 

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Staff Augmentation