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Streamlining Energy Grid Operations with Salesforce


One of Europe's largest energy infrastructure operators.


Energy & Utilites


The client is a major European digital solutions provider focused on helping organizations across energy, utilities, and sustainable industries optimize operations and reduce emissions.  

Project Team

The RA delivery team included:  
🙂 1 Salesforce Technical Architect/Consultant  
🙂 1 Salesforce Engineer  
🙂 1 Quality Assurance Engineer  


The client needed to optimize increasingly complex energy grid operations and management processes to meet growing demand. Their existing systems caused bottlenecks in essential workflows like quoting, invoicing, and billing.   
Routine Automation offered to implement a Salesforce solution focused on integrating advanced subscriptions, billing logic, and streamlining the quote-to-invoice process through automation.







Sales Flow. We customized the standard Salesforce architecture of Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, and Contracts to align with the client’s sales process requirements. Additional automation and process triggers were implemented atop the flexible Salesforce data model.  

Recurring Orders. Our team developed automated flows for managing subscription renewals and billing cycles. Custom logic was added to create recurring orders for subscription-based products, factoring in the subscription term length and product type with each billing cycle.  

Approvals and Document eSign Automation. Email-based quote approvals initiate automated workflows to update approval status and create downstream records to progress sales. Document eSignature processes were integrated to enable users to electronically sign quote approvals to further streamline collaboration.  



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Streamlined quote-to-invoice process: Our intelligent automation based on Salesforce best practices reduced invoicing cycle times. This shortened days spent awaiting quote approvals and enabled faster payment collection.  

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Enhanced sales process efficiency: Automation tailored to the client’s opportunity management process increased deal velocity. Key sales workflows accelerated through triggers that progress records upon email approvals.  

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Improved subscription renewals: Custom billing logic increased the accuracy of recurring order creation for subscription products. Automated renewal scheduling reduced manual process errors and ensured steady subscription revenue.  

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Seamless quote collaboration: Email-based quote approvals and integrated DocuSign simplified document management between teams. Electronic signatures raised quote accuracy while accelerating internal reviews prior to booking revenue.  

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Sales Cloud, DocuSign, Billing Automation.