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Optimizing Dealer Operations for a Mobility Manufacturer 


A leading mobility manufacturer specializing in motorcycles, motorboats, outboard motors, and other motorized products.


Automotive Manufacturing


In the realm of motorcycles, motorboats, and more, our client, a top-tier mobility manufacturer, recognized the need to elevate dealer functionalities across their extensive European network. Goals encompassed everything from remote stock visibility and product reservations to VAT implementation, price flexibility, simplified product management, service notifications, and seamless contract information transfer. 

Project Team

Solution Architect: 3   
Developer: 7   
Key Developer: 8   
Development Team Lead: 3   
Technician Team Lead: 2   
Environments Support Engineer: 2   
Account Manager: 1   
Business Analyst: 8
Consultant: 6
Delivery Manager: 3
Designer: 4
Project Coordinator: 12
Tester: 10


Unsynchronized product catalogs: 
Addressing discrepancies between Salesforce and ERP product catalogs through thorough analysis. 

Salesforce CPQ limitations: 
Overcoming Salesforce CPQ limitations in calculating VAT and altering Net & Gross prices, considering diverse country-specific rules. 

Product name change: 
Implementing custom functionality for product name changes during quotations. 

Dealer hierarchy complexity: 
Navigating complex dealer hierarchies, ensuring visibility of reservations within the intricate structure. 


12 months


$100 000+ 



ERP integration:

Our expert-designed REST API integration in cooperation with AWS and ERP development team.    

Integration with local dealer management systems: 

Developed REST API integration with AWS and the client’s development team. 

Adobe Campaign integration: 

Designed REST API integration with AWS and Adobe development team. 

Salesforce platform:

Automated functionality for updating reservation statuses. 

Added fields to identify service agents in dealer accounts. 

Automation for sending notification emails to dealer service agents. 

Experience Cloud: 

Custom LWC components for remote stock access and reservations. 

Implemented a sharing model for reservations within dealer hierarchies. 

Salesforce Revenue Cloud: 

Data model design for VAT management. 

Replaced standard CPQ Package price fields with custom fields. 

Custom CPQ Calculator Plugin for VAT calculations and pricing flexibility. 

Implemented validations for quote and contract data transfer. 



Improved dealer efficiency 
Dealers gained the ability to view their remote stock directly in the Salesforce Experience Site. That leads to better inventory management and the ordering process. 

Enhanced quotation process 
VAT implementation ensures accurate pricing per country rules. Flexibility in changing Net & Gross prices empowers adaptive pricing. 

Simplified product management 
Dealers can effortlessly add products without the need to individually input each product into the client’s system, saving time and effort. 

Proactive maintenance notifications 
Service employees receive prompt maintenance notifications. This ensures a prompt response to customer service needs. 

Streamlined contract information transfer 
The seamless transfer of contract information from Salesforce CRM to local management systems enhances data accuracy and reduces manual data entry.

Increased system integration 
The project results in a more integrated and cohesive system, where Salesforce CRM seamlessly interacts with the client’s ERP system, creating a unified platform for dealer operations. 

Enhanced user experience 
The added functionalities contribute to an improved user experience for dealers, making it easier for them to navigate, manage, and transact within the system. 

Cost savings and efficiency gains 
Automating and streamlining processes enable the client to achieve cost savings and efficiency gains, contributing to overall business success. This showcases the project’s success in overcoming challenges and delivering tangible benefits to the client’s European dealer network. 

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud, CPQ, REST API Integration, Quote & Opportunity Management.