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Enabling Efficient Solar Installation Quoting


A German solar energy company offering solar panels for rent or ownership.


Energy & Utilites


The client provides solar energy solutions by renting or selling solar panel systems for residential and commercial properties. Their sales process involved complex quoting for customized solar installations.


Highly manual and labor-intensive process for generating customized solar panel installation quotes, leading to inefficiencies and delays. 

Lack of automation tools and integrated systems to streamline the entire pre-sales phase, from capturing requirements to providing pricing updates. 

Need for an online self-service portal to enable transparent collaboration with customers throughout the quoting lifecycle. 

Difficulties in centralizing project information, managing requests, and maintaining visibility into quote statuses and approval workflows. 

The client recognized the importance of transforming their quoting process to improve operational efficiencies, reduce errors, and deliver a seamless customer experience. Automating workflows, centralizing data, and fostering online collaboration were critical requirements to address these challenges effectively.

Customer Portal & Community 

Implemented a self-service customer portal using Experience Cloud 

Established a private customer community for submitting quote requests 

Integrated satisfaction surveys for monitoring customer experience 

ROI Calculation Engine 

Built custom-priced calculation tools for precise solar installation quotes 

Automated pricing rules and product configuration

Quote Management 

Integrated DocuSign for electronic quote review and e-signatures 

Created approval processes and notifications for efficient handoffs 

User Experience 

Configured passwordless authentication for frictionless access 

Developed custom reports and dashboards for better insights 



Sales Growth: 22% increase in solar installation sales volume, driven by streamlined quoting processes and improved customer experience 

Data Management: Increased data consistency and reliability by centralizing information and automating workflows 

Customer Engagement: Significantly higher customer engagement and satisfaction levels through the self-service portal. We’ve fostered transparency and seamless collaboration throughout the quote lifecycle. 

Efficient Quoting: Accelerated turnaround time for generating accurate installation quotes by automating pricing and configuration. Also, we iliminated manual errors and inconsistencies in the quoting process. Seamless integration with DocuSign for efficient electronic approvals and e-signatures.

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Experience Cloud, Customer Portal, Community Cloud, ROI Calculation Engine, DocuSign Integration