Features Of Salesforce CRM Analytics

9 min 01.02.2024 Updated: 18.07.2024

Salesforce CRM Analytics is a customer and business intelligence platform designed for mobile accessibility and driving flexibility in performing analytics on customer data. It integrates well with any data source and helps your company tackle critical business issues

With CRM analytics, also known as Tableau CRM, businesses can easily connect CRM data and analyze insights on Chatter. Automatic analysis of large data sets and gaining predictive analytics with Einstein Discovery help businesses formulate long-term strategies. 

Our Head of Marketing Helena Dzementej guides you in the world of Salesforce analytics in this article. Let’s go on!

How Does Salesforce CRM Analytics Work?

Salesforce CRM Analytics: Visualize and analyze customer data to gain valuable insights for better decision-making.

As Salesforce’s built-in customer intelligence solution, CRM Analytics works directly with Salesforce CRM to prepare and organize customer data for advanced analytics and predictive modelling. By centralizing data analytics within Salesforce, it allows you to: 

  • Get a 360-degree view of all customer information to deliver more personalized experiences
  • Respond and collaborate on AI-powered analytics and recommendations to achieve goals
  • Standardize insights and workflows company-wide 
  • Scale analytics across users and large datasets on the world’s #1 CRM platform 

Valuable insights from this tool are designed to uncover more business opportunities and growth potential by providing easy access and efficiencies. 

With easy access, self-service analysis, and out-of-the-box efficiency, the breadth and depth of valuable insights uncovered by this versatile tool are designed to reveal more impactful business opportunities and robust growth potential

At Routine Automation, we leverage CRM Analytics to centralize the customer view and uncover actionable insights that significantly enhance sales, service, and overall satisfaction for our clients. Our team excels at seamlessly connecting CRM Analytics to your Salesforce instance, ensuring a unified and comprehensive customer view tailored to your specific business needs

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Top Features of Salesforce CRM Analytics

Key features of Salesforce CRM Analytics: data visualization, predictive analytics, customizable dashboards, real-time insights.

Along with actionable intelligence and seamless integration capabilities, CRM Analytics offers you these key features: 

Built-in dynamic dashboards 

The trial version includes sample datasets, dashboards, and apps to explore straight away. You can instantly visualize and analyze data in multiple interactive ways, uncovering insights. 

Connections with different data sources 

Built-in connectivity to all data sources like Google BigQuery, SAP, and AWS allows you to integrate non-Salesforce data at one center within CRM Analytics for a truly unified view of the customer

Smarter case routing 

Further enhancing service and support, CRM Analytics enables smarter and faster case routing and resolution through AI-powered automation. By automatically assigning cases to agents based on specialized skills, availability, and past success rates, it ensures optimal case-agent matching to improve customer satisfaction

Article recommendations 

CRM Analytics also identifies the best-matched information for customer service queries, questions, and common issues by quickly searching knowledge articles. This prevents agents and customers from needing to sift through hundreds of articles to find the right solution. 

More AI-driven recommendations 

With Einstein Discovery tightly integrated, users can generate more predictive insights, receive data-driven recommendations, and uncover new opportunities through automated discovery and analysis

The best action recommendations 

To maximize each moment of customer engagement, CRM Analytics recognizes the ideal next-best action during service calls and sales discussions. For example, it may suggest relevant cross-sells or upsells while resolving a support case. 

User activity monitoring 

Lastly, with granular user activity tracking, admins gain an aerial view of behaviors across Salesforce to monitor data access, identify shifting patterns, and safeguard information in real time. 

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The Benefits Of CRM Analytics

By centralizing a 360-degree customer view and leveraging AI to uncover insights, CRM Analytics delivers game-changing advantages including: 

Enhanced sales performance 

  • Compare team/rep performance to goals through leaderboard dashboards 
  • Assess deals by stage, win/loss rates, and ongoing trends in real-time 
  • Build sales pipeline, identify opportunities, get notifications on changes 

Better Pipeline Management 

  • Adjust opportunity pipeline based on closings and timescale 
  • Anticipate which products to offer specific accounts 
  • Forecast sales and revenue precisely 
A man and woman analyzing graphs and charts on a computer, showcasing the benefits of CRM analytics.

Increased Customer Intelligence 

  • Target high-potential deals with whitespace analytics 
  • Personalize marketing and service based on purchase patterns 
  • Resolve cases faster with article suggestions 

Overall Efficiency 

  • Reduce manual data tasks with better BI integrations 
  • Standardize insights and goals company-wide 
  • Continually enhance strategies with predictive analytics 
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In summary, Salesforce CRM Analytics is a versatile platform that generates a wealth of actionable and AI-driven insights from customer data. This intelligence ultimately leads to increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, informed decision-making, and sustained competitive advantage. 

With expertise in pipeline optimization and forecasting, our skilled professionals empower your sales teams to leverage CRM Analytics effectively. We customize the implementation to align with your unique sales strategies and objectives. 

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How to Find the Right CRM Analytics Tool

In your quest for the optimal CRM analytics tool, consider these crucial inquiries to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your business needs: 

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1. Alignment with business goals: Reflect on your implementation goals and ascertain their alignment with broader business objectives.

2. 360-degree customer view: Evaluate the tool’s capability to analyze and visualize the specific data you require, ensuring it provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer insights in its reporting.

3. Integration ease: Assess the tool’s integration simplicity with your existing systems and processes, verifying its compatibility for streamlined operations.

4. Capacity, security, and scalability: Confirm that the tool meets your capacity and security prerequisites while ensuring its scalability to adapt to your future business requirements effortlessly.

5. User-friendly experience: Explore the end-user experience, checking for any potential learning curves, and ensuring a smooth adoption process for your teams.

6. Provider reputation and support: Scrutinize the reputation and reliability of the software provider, emphasizing the available support during the implementation phase.

7. Functionality considerations: Delve into the functionalities offered by the tool. For instance, Salesforce CRM Analytics boasts robust automation and AI modeling features. Evaluate the relevance and value of these functionalities for optimizing your team’s performance.

Across teams, CRM Analytics ensures alignment, builds trusted data narratives and sustains competitive advantages through applied AI. Our team’s expertise helps organizations operate as truly data-driven businesses, from streamlined reporting to AI-driven predictive analytics. 


Embark on a transformative journey with Salesforce CRM Analytics to elevate your business to new heights of success. While the benefits are substantial, navigating this powerful tool requires precision; improper use may lead to challenges. 

Fear not, our adept team at Routine Automation is here to guide you through the nuances of Salesforce CRM Analytics, ensuring you unlock its full potential. From seamless integration to personalized assistance, we are your partners in achieving optimal results. Don’t let complexities hold you back — contact us today, and let’s chart a course for your business’s triumphant future! 

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